Simple and Effective Home Remedies For Constipation

If you are looking for simple and effective home remedies for constipation, there are a lot of options available in the market. But before we talk about simple and effective home remedies for constipation, let us have a brief idea about constipation. Constipation is defined as a condition when the stools do not pass through the bowel in a smooth and regular manner. This can happen due to several reasons like over-eating, drinking coffee, overeating and also because of irregular diet. Overweight people, children and pregnant women are most prone to this problem.

Usually constipation occurs due to poor muscle tone and the muscles that help move the bowels become weak. It is also caused by lack of fluid intake. The other reason can be consumption of products that contain high amounts of starch and sugar, prolonged sitting or lying down and also due to prolonged diarrhea. The duration of the constipation also depends on the food and water intake as well.

Simple and effective home remedies for constipation can also be practiced at home. A small stool should always be taken after every meal, the quantity being equal to three to five times of normal bowel movement. Drinking plenty of water and herbal tea also can help in avoiding constipation. Herbal teas that contain fennel, slippery elm and catnip can also ease the suffering of constipation. There are also other herbs that are also known to ease the pain of constipation and increase the frequency of movement of the bowels.

Some of the other simple home remedies for constipation include using an ice pack on the affected part, chewing celery and using a banana peel to relieve the pain. Using boric acid and apple cider vinegar in water to cure constipation also helps in getting relief from constipation. Using a cloth soaked in crushed garlic wrapped in a cloth and covering with a wet towel and applying this to the affected part also eases constipation. Drinking lots of water, herbal tea and milk helps in avoiding constipation.

Apart from these there are also other simple but effective remedies that can be followed. Eating unhygienic food can increase the frequency of bowel movement and also can aggravate the situation. One should also stay away from drinks that can cause indigestion like soft drinks, fruit juices and caffeine. Not eating enough food and not moving the bowels on time can also cause constipation. Adding more fiber in the diet can help in getting easy bowel movements. Not using toilet paper after each bowel movement and not answering the call of nature when the urge to defecate arises are also few other simple habits that should be tried to avoid constipation.

Some of the most common and effective home remedies for constipation are drinking plenty of water, eating fibrous meals, chewing cumin seeds, drinking herbal tea made of ginger root and fennel seeds, and avoiding processed and junk foods. One should try and avoid using laxatives or even enemas too much, as these are known to trigger constipation. Simple exercises such as walking, sitting down, bending the knees, etc. can also help in increasing the quantity of bowel movements.

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