Identifying High Cholesterol Symptoms and Treatment Options

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The primary symptom of high cholesterol and treatment should be testing for elevated triglycerides, which is caused by too much fat being deposited in the arteries. If there is excessive amounts of fat in the arterial walls, then there will be fluid trapped between the walls and the cells within, also referred to as fatty deposits. The liquid will then slowly expand into a visible puffiness or swelling called plaque. This is a common condition that will develop over time. Unfortunately, it is usually only diagnosed upon an expensive ultrasound exam, but it should be noted that ultrasound tests are quick, painless and can even be performed at home, without a medical professional.

Another common symptom of high cholesterol levels is xanthomas, or ‘black dots’ under the skin. Again, this is a fairly easy disease to diagnose, and it can be treated with prescribed medications or natural home remedies, such as garlic, turmeric paste, ghee and Rosemary oils. In most cases, the diagnosis is made after a visit to the doctor, and although some patients choose to treat themselves at home, it is always recommended that you seek medical advice from your doctor before trying any home remedies. It is also strongly recommended that you avoid consuming large amounts of fat or oil, and that you try to avoid eating foods that are high in cholesterol, saturated fat and trans fat. In addition, it is recommended that you exercise regularly if you wish to reduce your chances of developing xanthomas. However, if you do have xanthomas, your doctor will be able to identify them more easily.

The third sign of high cholesterol and treatment should be fairly obvious. If you have xanthomas, or black dots under your eyes, you should see your doctor as soon as possible for evaluation and possible treatment. Remember, these symptoms can also be associated with other conditions, so if you have a friend that also has dark circles, and they also complain of pain when they sleep, it may not necessarily mean that they have the same condition as you. However, your doctor will be able to make the correct diagnosis much easier. In the case of xanthoma, treatment options include laser surgery and drainage of the fluid that is causing the problem. You may also find that reducing your consumption of high cholesterol foods and increasing your daily levels of Vitamin D will help to improve the health of your skin cells, as well as reducing the number of xanthomas that form.


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